Thursday, May 31, 2012

introducing tres | fort worth newborn photographer

I tend to favor very clean and simple black and white pictures when doing newborn sessions... yes, I like the cute hats and baskets and stuff... but really, I want to showcase the beautiful bundle of joy and not the accessories.  But when I met this handsome guy ~ oh, he was stunning.  Beautiful coloring ~ the hair, the skin... so I found myself loving the color versions of the images as much as the traditional B&W.

And another difference in his session than most ~ he just would not sleep.  He literally stayed awake the whole time I was there.  He was never upset, never cried... just curious.  So calm, yes CALM, and such a sweet guy.  So there was no posing him in those cute little poses you often see... he was content to just lay there and let me take his picture.  Nothing fancy, nothing posed...  just Tres.  And you know what, I think he was onto something.

the wilson family | weatherford, tx photographer

Usually I title family sessions with the family's last name... but Miss Laynie was so spunky and sooo stinkin' cute ~ thought she deserved to headline this blog post on her own :)  They have a sweet family, and I am sure that Laynie is center stage always with mom & dad.  She was sweet, funny and a little bit stubborn ~ but hey, aren't all us Texan girls supposed to be?

Wilson Family, thank you so much for sharing an evening with me.  Loved meeting you guys and Laynie!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

moore grandbabies | weatherford, tx photographer

These two were adorable ~ Love the dimples and curly hair...!
And this little guys is lucky to have a sister that loves him so :)

yoli & selena | weatherford, tx photographer

I LOVE Mom & Daughter sessions.  As the mom of daughters, I know the special bond that exists between them.  Yoli contacted me to do her session, and she made quite a drive to get to me.  I really feel honored that she chose me to capture a special moment in her life that she can keep forever.   Thank you Yoli for that trust.  Both you and your daughter are beautiful.  Looking through your images I can see the love you have for one another.

the raymonds | weatherford, tx photographer

Usually it is my job to make the clients feel at ease and break the ice... especially with kiddos.  But not in this case ~ I had a regular comedian on my hands with this young man (the son!)  He had me laughing so hard at one point I had to just put the camera down.

We had a relaxing, fun session and by the end of it the kids were in charge deciding what to do for the next picture.  Or course we got some great family pics, but by far my favorite of this whole session is the one of the kids jumping.  The look on their faces is priceless.  Joy in hers, goof-ball all over his!  Thank you Raymonds for some good ole' belly laughs!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

the rainwaters | weatherford, tx photographer

Tatum turned one on the day I took her pictures.  This was another battle against the odds... both she and her Daddy were sick on our original session date ~ and then on our rescheduled session date it rained pretty much the moment we were starting.

Her mom had lots of the cutest outifts you can imagine, and I was really excited to photograph her in them... in the end we scrambled to get a few shots in before it began to just pour down.  And I mean this quite literally, my husband went and dug up our canopy we use when we go to the lake and he and Tatum's Dad went and put it up in the yard to block off the rain... I took towels out to soak up the water from the grass... and we snapped a few of her with her cake.  Which she had no interest in until her parents got down in the wet grass with her and "shared" her cake.

This had to be by far the craziest session ever... and thru it all these guys made it with smiles and laughter.  Tatum shed a couple of tears too, but those even added to the memories of this day!!!  Thank you Rainwaters, loved meeting you guys, can't wait for the next session(s)!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

heather & her boys | weatherford, tx photographer

I think the odds were stacked against us... we had to reschedule due to sick kids, thunderstorms, hubby's working ~ when we finally had no obstacle in the way every one of them had a bruise or a scab somewhere!!!  But we were DETERMINED to get this thing done.

Heather, so glad I met you and those handsome lil' guys of yours.  Happy belated Mother's Day!  Look on the bright side, you didn't get the gift that I got (inside joke!)