Friday, December 20, 2013

the burrow family | weatherford photographer

This is my second time to photograph this family ~ and it's always a good time when we get together (and cold!)  When it was time to start thinking of what to get Dad/Grandpa for Christmas this year, the kids called me and voila ~ Family pictures.  And I think it was the best gift he could ever receive.... he had a smile from ear to ear the entire time I was there.  Thanks guys, as always I love seeing you!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

the ward family | fort worth photographer

Gott say I love these six people... and very blessed that they are my family.   The boys keep everyone busy;  and I have 3 myself so I don't get to see them nearly enough!

Merry Christmas guys ~ I will see you next week.  Love you all!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the drew family | fort worth photographer

I grew up with the Drew "kids" who are now parents themselves... I was really excited when they contacted me and asked me if I could/would take pictures of the WHOLE Drew Family ~ and OF COURSE I would!!!  It was so great seeing everyone, meeting their hubbies and wife, and the kiddos.  And I gotta tell you, we may all be getting older - but these guys are young at heart.  So full of life and love... I am so happy you guys asked me to do this ~ it was so great to see you all again.  But, next time let's not wait 25 years!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

the hejny family | fort worth photographer

These guys were fun, beautiful and I really enjoyed meeting them.  The boys are just way too cute... I could've just taken them home with me!  I loved that they let lil' man bring his cherished cowboy hat {and let me tell you he loves his hat!!!}  And of course, when you have two TCU alumni ~ well you know you gotta show some Horned Frog love in at least one of the pictures :)

Hejny Family ~ thanks for spending the afternoon with me.  Loved your company, and your sweet family!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

the hargrave siblings | weatherford photographer

There is no gift a Mom loves more than pictures of her kids, no matter how old they may be...
And the Hargrave siblings are about to give that wonderful present to theirs ~ all wrapped up in smiles!!!  I hope she loves it guys,  I can only imagine how happy she is going to be!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the siebman family | weatherford photographer

Theirs was a family/maternity session... and I so LOVE these.  Love capturing the last few days of a family how it is before it everyone's life changes.  These days are so sweet... the babies you already have here are spoiled a little more, little more snuggling, more hugs, time kind of slows down just a bit... and then the next thing you know there is another little person there, more love to share, more hugs and kisses to give and receive.

The Siebmans are such a beautiful, sweet, loving family.  And blessed.  I'm happy for you and your new little Siebman!  You will have to let me know if God chose a little girl or boy for you.

the davis family | weatherford photographer

I am truly blessed to call this family my friends... and I love that I get to see these two beautiful kiddos grow up.  I love these guys, so I may be somewhat bias when I say that they are not only beautiful on the outside, but just as beautiful on the inside too!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

the robertson family | weatherford photographer

What a gorgeous family!!!  And sweet... and lil' man here was full of spunk, let me tell ya!
Loved meeting the Robertson Family (although I had actually met them before!)  I totally enjoyed my hour spent with them, and truly hope to see them again soon!

the gough family | fort worth photographer

The Goughs were such a wonderful family... and I am so glad we were able to get them scheduled for Fall pictures, I love meeting new families!  It was pretty darn cold the day we met for their session... so cold our noses were enough to give Rudolph a run for his money!  But these guys smiled the whole time, and really seemed to enjoy one another, which always makes it easy for photographers!!!  Thanks Gough Family ~ I really hope to see you guys again soon!

prestwood kiddos + mom | weatherford photographer

Jaime (aka: Mom) wanted a few pictures of her kids this Fall... great for gifts and Christmas cards, ya know.  But, we did a few shots with her in them too for her hubby ~ what a great surprise for him!
And I gotta say Chad is one lucky fella, he has a beautiful family, both inside and out.  Happy Holidays Prestwoods ~ I'll be seeing you soon for the WHOLE family!!!

the o'neal family | weatherford photographer

Love these guys... and will you look at "Mom" ~ can you believe she just had a baby!?!
Not only that, we decided at the last minute to push their session up a couple of days (like within hours of us meeting) due to bad weather coming.  So not only does she look great, she got herself and 2 kiddos ready in a flash!  I always enjoy time spent with the O'Neal Family, and glad to call them my friends!

Friday, December 6, 2013

the harris family | fort worth photographer

I knew I liked the Harris Family the minute we first talked... Dondi messaged me asking if I could fit her family in for a Fall Session last year and I was totally booked - except for a free hour over the weekend - 2 days from her contacting me.  And somehow it all worked out (to my amazement still - it takes me months to pick out what to wear for our family pictures!!!)  And this year, no exception ~ we met on a beautiful Fall day, and it was HOT and CROWDED ~ and they were just as fun and laid back as I remembered.  And to prove it's a small world,  we discovered during that hour together that Jason works with my husband, lol!  As in sees him almost every day...

Thanks Harris Family ~ hopefully we will be seeing you soon (for fun, not pictures or work!!!)

the drake family | weatherford photographer

I've said this many times before ~ but love and laughter always comes through in pictures... and the Drake Family is not short on either.  I totally enjoyed my time spent with these guys, they were so much fun!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the cowan family | fort worth photographer

It liked so many images from the Cowan Family's session... lots of love between these guys.  Hugs and kisses were abundant ~ and had fun with the kiddos {they even have new nicknames, lol!}  They are such a sweet and beautiful family!

Monday, December 2, 2013

the mallette family | fort worth photographer

Gotta love Texas weather ~ just after I met the Mallette Family for their session it was freezing... and just days before the grass was green, and everyone had on cute warm weather clothes on!!!  The Mallette Family were fun and laid back, the kiddos wanted to run around and play... super sweet kiddos too, both had the cutest scrunchy nose smiley faces (which you know I am partial too!)

the keen family | weatherford photographer

The Keen Family is one of my favorites.  And I have had the joy of capturing moments of their lives since their oldest was only a year old.  Lots of love between these guys, LOTS of it (and you can never get too much of that!)  Congratulations on your next adventure guys, I will miss you ~ but can't wait to see you back in the Spring!