Sunday, April 27, 2014

tiernan | fort worth photographer

First, I want to thank Patrick for his service to our country.  I am grateful that there are men and women dedicated to our freedoms and to our country.  I know that this is not just a commitment made by those who serve, but for their families.   So, it was my honor to meet these guys and spend a Friday evening with them.  And I have to give Kimberly credit, this Momma knows how just go with the flow.  Us moms totally stress over what to wear, getting everyone ready, getting ourselves ready... and  when she showed up  (without the outfits she had gone out of her way to choose for their session) did she lose her cool (because I know 99.9% of us would) - heck NO!!!  She just went with it... ran down to the closest store around and bought a few things that would coordinate and was all smiles and totally calm despite the snafu.  And they are gorgeous, so they probably could have showed up in their pjs and pulled it off!!!  I loved every minute with these guys.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

owen | weatherford photographer

I met this cutie pie when he was brand new ~ and now look at him, he's grown so much.
And when I say that it was all I could do not to squeeze those cheeks, I mean that in complete sincerity.  I mean look at that face, will ya?  Can you blame me?!?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

ellis | weatherford photographer

Met this family when lil' man here was just a baby - and now he is a big brother to a one year old sister!!!  Where does the time go?  The Ellis kids are not only adorable, but they are just as sweet as can be.  And mom always has the BEST outfits chosen for their sessions.  As always, love seeing these two.  Happy Birthday to you both ~ hope you get everything you wish for :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

dobyns | weatherford photographer

I love these guys...  I met them when they just had one little one... and by the time I am posting this on the blog, they now have three babies to love!!!  Congrats to you DoByns family, I am so happy for you ~ and I can't wait to meet baby Kinzee soon at her newborn session!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

evie | mineral wells photographer

The minute I saw this precious baby girl I told her Mom & Dad how perfectly pink she was, and how beautiful... and she IS!  And this darling wasn't too interested in sleeping through her session, so I got to get in some baby snuggling too {which you can never get too much of!}

Congratulations Scott & Freda on your beautiful baby girl.  You have such a precious family!