Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mccarroll family | fort worth photographer

Another one of my favorite families.  I am lucky enough to see them twice a year, and I love watching how much the kids change between each visit.  Abby could be a model.  She has the smile, the hair, the sweet little attitude... and Will is still so curious so it is hard to catch him still AND smiling.  But when he does, his whole face lights up :)  And of course Mom & Dad are awesome, and I was super excited to FINALLY get to take pics of everyone.  It was great seeing you guys ~ and the next time we meet up, I think we do need to plan that lunch date!!!

the hessong family | fort worth photographer

Not too long ago Mandy worked at the daycare where my kiddos stayed... and then she became a Mommy herself!  And her boys are such cuties.  You can tell they are best buddies.  They were more content to take pictures together than alone.  In fact I think my fav picture from their session is a candid one I took when they were hugging each other (all on their own!)  Hessong Family ~ I always  love taking your pics in the Fall, can't wait 'til next year!!!

the west family | weatherford, tx photographer

Loved these guys ~ beautiful family, and they seemed to really adore one another.
My camera obviously loved them as well... the love within a family always comes through in photographers, as you can plainly see in theirs.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

the leblue family | weatherford, tx photographer

I met the LeBlues shortly after they had their first little girl... and now she is a big girl and she has a baby sister :)  Both are just about as cute as they can get ~ I am going say they get their good looks from their momma!  But, as you can tell the whole family is pretty darn good lookin'!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

bell family | fort worth photographer

Photography is a wonderful gift ~ it's what I give myself each year... and I have several clients who give it to their family/friends.  The Bell Family is one such receiver, having a sweet friend who wanted to do something special for them as a Christmas gift.  That friend happens to be a friend of mine, so I knew that the Bell Family just HAD to be a pretty wonderful group of people.  And they were :)   I so enjoyed meeting these four.  It was a pretty great day - they made my job almost too easy, and we even got to see Santa Claus!!!  Merry Christmas Bell Family, I hope you enjoy your gift!

the cutburths | weatherford, tx photographer

I snuck this beautiful couple in at the last minute literally.  I drove out to their home and we took pictures in their back yard.  Got a few pictures in front of their Christmas tree in their new home too!  They were very sweet ~ I am so glad I was able to make this happen for them!

Friday, November 23, 2012

brandon | weatherford, tx photographer

I told Brandon's mom after his mini-session that he seemed like an old soul in an 8 year old body... he was content to sit and just be.  How many boys his age do you know that do that?  Brandon is just as sweet as he is handsome!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

introducing adaleigh | weatherford, tx photographer

... perfect little lips and chunky cheeks... what a beautiful baby girl!  Her family are friends of ours, and we have been anxiously awaiting her arrival.  She could not be more perfect.  Beautiful just like her mommy and big sister.  

the padilla family | weatherford, tx photographer

The Padilla Family are friends of ours.  Their oldest daughter has been our middle daughter's best bud for several years.  And we are excited that they now have a new addition to their family.  Another beautiful baby girl.  Congrats Padilla Family!

clyburn family | weatherford, tx photographer

Loved meeting these five... they were so much fun :)  Everyone looked great, had big smiles on their faces and were ready to have a good time at their session.  I swear I could've taken pictures of them all day.  The kids were laid back and fun lovin' ~ they had some of their own ideas as far as pictures, and you know I am always up for fun pics!  We snuck in a little time to play at the park and hunt for acorns... which I am sure mom is STILL finding in her car!!!

the keen family | weatherford, tx photographer

The Keen Family is one of my favorites.  I met Bo & Cathy when she was pregnant with the twins... and look how big they are now!  I've told them this in person before, but these two are really great parents.  They are patient and kind and loving... and they have great kids that prove just what a great job they are doing as parents.  As always Keens ~ loved my time with you :)

monty + maggie | weatherford, tx photographer

Monty & Maggie are one big giant ball full of energy ~ no joke!!!  I am not even sure they were still for more than 2 seconds at a time!  I tried a few times to get just one image of the two of them together, but they had different plans (like playing, running, exploring.)  All the same, we got some great shots of them each.  I've know their mom forever it seems, and had really been looking forward to meeting her precious family.  Barb, it was great seeing you ~ the twins are just too darn cute!!!

the o'neals | springtown photographer

These three are friends & neighbors of ours.  I always look forward to their sessions... I think when it is over we visit alot longer than we spent actually taking the pictures!  The O'Neals are such a sweet family.  I'm lucky that fate had a hand in making them our neighbors :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

the grants | weatherford, tx photographer

I met this sweet mom back in May... she was part of a Mommy & Me mini-session.  I was so glad when she asked me to do her family pictures this Fall, and was really looking forward to meeting the whole family unit :)  

In the days leading up to their session the forecast said "rain."  But this is Texas, and they are a busy group (the photographer's group is too!) and there wasn't really a good time to reschedule so we decided to wake up the next day and go for it.  I was sooo happy when I looked out the window that morning to no rain ~ but as luck would have it, no sooner had we met than it started to sprinkle on us.  And by the end of our session it was raining.  We still got some great shots, and as good lookin' as these four are, the rain did not make a difference.

the robertsons | weatherford, tx photographer

Robertson Family ~ you guys are stunning!  The entire time I was editing this family's images 2 things had my eye:  1) Slayte's eyes are captivating...  2) I just LOVE Landry's freckles...    Mom & Dad aren't too shabby either :)

I was so looking forward to your session ~ to meeting you ALL, and it was truly a pleasure.  

the putman family | springtown photographer

Richard & Alicia and the kiddos were actually part of an extended family session I did.  But thought it would be kinda cool to just showcase just them on the blog...  The family unit as a whole were lots of fun.  And we needed all the fun we could have ~ it was freezing (literally - like 32 degrees) and EARLY in the morning.

The Putman Family look great, don't they?  Love truly does warm the heart (if only it could warm freezing fingers and noses too!!!)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

the webb family | weatherford, tx photographer

The Webb Family is one of my new clients this Fall.  I always love meeting a new family, learning about them and watching the kiddos try to figure me out too.  The Webb Family was lots of fun, with energy to spare.  I had a great time meeting them and making new friends :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

tres | fort worth photographer

Well, look who is 6 months old!!!  I love that I get to watch tiny little newborn babies grow up.  Love doing milestone sessions, it is always so cool to see how much the baby changes in such a short time.  Tres is a handsome lil' guy.  Ramon & Anna's first baby... so you can imagine how much love and affection he is getting :)  And I expect that one of the first sentences he is able to string together in a couple of years is gonna be "Hook 'Em Horns!"

Tres you are adorable ~ can't wait to meet up with you again in a few weeks so we can get pics of the whole family!

introducing hadley... | weatherford, tx photographer

I've been waiting to meet this sweet little baby.  I knew she would be beautiful, because her Mommy is!
Hadley was perfect ~ her mom looked like a knockout just days after giving birth.  And Clayton, he is one proud man of the house.  One thing about Clayton & Jesse that I was drawn to when I did their maternity pictures was how caring they were toward one another.  You can love a person but not outwardly show affection, but these two love one another a great deal and that love was visible in everything they did.  The way they talked to each other, looked at each other, reacted to one another.  I can not imagine a happier home to bring a baby into.

I had such a hard time narrowing pics down to post on the blog, so I have 2 versions... one in color, and the other in B&W.  Almost always I have a preference between the two with newborn sessions, but I loved both equally!

Congratulations to you two... the greatest joy aside from the love you give to one another is the love you will have for you child.  You are amazing people, I have no doubt you will be amazing parents.

ty + liberty | weatherford, tx photographer

Oh yes, they are in love... just got married in September to prove it!!!

In a world where marriage is becoming less and less important to society, it is so refreshing to see that it has not lost it's place for everyone.  Marriage is a celebration ~ a promise to love each other forever.  It's hope; something we all need more of.  Ty & Liberty are such a sweet couple, very relaxed and calm, happy just to be with each other... and in the hour I spent with them, I can tell you they seem like a perfect fit.  Congrats you two on tying the knot ~ I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the giere family | fort worth photographer

I love big families... and I gotta say that the Giere kids were AWESOME!  They were sweet, polite, mostly quiet (yes, I said quiet) and beautiful.  The whole family is beautiful.  They kids did great on their solo pictures, but had the most fun when we did pictures of everyone together.  Which makes me smile, because that is how a family is supposed to be.  Lots of love between these six people... and I totally enjoyed spending an evening with them.  

When you think of big families most people think that more = BUSY. As a mom of three I will admit that it's crazy at times... but there is that much more love to give and receive.  I can't imagine anything in life better than that.  Obviously the Gieres feel the same way.  When I say they are beautiful, they are, inside and out!

Monday, November 12, 2012

the rathmell family | granbury, tx photographer

This year I have done alot of extended family sessions ~ and they are becoming my favorites to do.  So many people, so much personality, lots and lots of love.  And what a great way to celebrate being a family anyway :)

I really enjoyed meeting the Rathmell Family.  It was COLD, right at 40 degrees the morning we met.  The kids did AWESOME!!!  We had to warm up in between taking pictures to let everyone warm up!  But if you look through these images you will notice that everyone brought their best happy face with them (that is because they really were happy!)  Thank you Rathmell Family ~ you guys were fabulous.


Friday, November 9, 2012

vito, caitlyn & giana | weatherford, tx photographer

A few months ago I shot a newborn session... the mom had the cutest lil' hat... so of course I HAD to ask where she got it.  To make a long story short ~ Caitlyn made it (she's the baby's aunt) and that is how I came to meet this gorgeous family.

Vito is doomed I tell you... not only is his lady beautiful, but that baby girl of his could bat those big blue eyes and get anything she wants.  Look at her, how could anyone resist?

Casulli Family ~ what a joy meeting you guys!  And what great luck ~ I got to photograph a gorgeous family, and I am glad to say that now I am the proud owner of some of my own cute newborn hats :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

the priess family | weatherford, tx photographer

I first met up with Dina and her oldest son Lawson... we did his Senior pics first and then met everyone for family pictures.  I knew in an instant that I was really going to like Dina and her family.  Within 20 minutes we were breaking some rules (which will remain top secret!)  Lawson laughed and said his mom has always been a little crazy ~ yeap, like I said ~ knew I was gonna like Dina...

The entire Priess Family is laid back & fun loving.  By the end I was laughing more than I was taking pictures.  You have heard me say it time and again, but laughter and love ALWAYS come through in pictures ~ just look at the images from their session.  I have to say that theirs was a memorable session that I will not forget.  Priess Family ~ it was such a blast meeting you guys!

Monday, November 5, 2012

the gamez family | weatherford, tx photographer

Wow, would you look at this family!!!  Beautiful, everyone has a big smile, happy ~ this is why I love this job.  Dad better get a big stick with all these pretty girls living with him!  I posted earlier, "what do you get when you cross a Texan and a New Yorker?"  My answer ~ lots of love, and one big, beautiful family!  Loved meeting these guys.  Gamez Family, you almost made this too easy :)

lawson priess ~ senior 2013 | weatherford, tx photographer

Lawson is a Senior this year at Weatherford High School.  Obviously he's handsome, he plays on the WHS basketball team, and has a great sense of adventure... As with most of the Senior boys I photograph, he was just there to make mom happy.  Mom too had a great sense of adventure ~ and truth be told I think she and I could have gotten into some trouble had we been friends back when we were in school!  I loved the interaction between her and her boy.  I think they were either laughing or smiling most of the time.  

Lawson, I wish you the very best of luck.  I know that graduating feels like the end of something ~ but it is just the beginning.  Life is the best adventure of them all and I feel certain that you are going to make the most of it!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

the taylor family | weatherford, tx photographer

I will never forget the day I met this family... I was pulling my two oldest in a wagon in front of their house (we are neighbors) and I was 9 months pregnant with my third.  Bob yelled out, "you are going to have to get a bigger wagon!"  Our families have been friends ever since, and my life has been blessed to have these three in it.

Thomas is buddies with our two oldest, and my youngest adores him (literally!)  And Bob & Karla seem like family.  Thank you guys for your friendship.  It is a true pleasure watching our kiddos grow up together!

the wilson family | weatherford, tx photographer

Some people you meet and it feels like you've known each other forever... that is kinda how the Wilson Family is to me for some reason.  Maybe because Kristie and I both have our own businesses that involve kids, or perhaps just because we are moms... I really can't explain it.  But I do know that I REALLY do like these three.  The Wilsons are a super nice family; and Laynie is one of a kind!  She wasn't too interested in taking her picture solo until Millie (the sweet doggie) showed up.  Then her whole face lit up and she was willing to do an entire session of just them two!!!

Logan & Kristie, again it was a pleasure hanging out with you guys - both during and after the session. Thank you again for the opportunity to photograph your cute little family :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

cory, ashley & hunter | weatherford, tx photographer

When this family of three first got out of their truck to meet me, the last thing Hunter wanted to do was have his picture taken.  But let me tell you, when he WAS ready he could turn on the charm.  He was a riot.  He was a big bundle of energy and about as cute as they get.  They are such a sweet little family.  Cory and Ashley, loved meeting you guys ~ who says you can't take time out to tickle, run races, play on a wagon and run amuck when you are in the midst of your family session?!?  It really was fun :)

the booth family | fort worth photographer

Gotta love crazy Texas weather... one day it's nice and warm, then the next morning (of course when you have a family photography session booked) it's COLD!!!  But these guys braved the cold, and looked good doing it!!!  What a great lookin' bunch of people the Booth clan is!