Thursday, December 20, 2012

and baby makes 4 ~ the steeds | weatherford, tx photographer

I love watching families grow :)   I first met the Steeds last year when they asked me to photograph their adorable little girl...  and now I was lucky enough to take pictures of their newest little addition.  And BOTH of the kiddos are as cute as can be.  Merry Christmas Steed Family ~ and congratulations on your perfect little family!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

the lloyd family | weatherford, tx photographer

Last year Keely booked a family session with me ~ and then her man had to work and couldn't make the session... so I just got to photograph her and her lil' cowboy.  This year I was lucky enough to get to see all three of them.  The Lloyds are such a cute little family... fun and laid back.  And I love how that comes through in their images!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

the slimp family | fort worth photographer

Love these five... I've met up with them a few times this year for pictures and I can NOT believe how big the kids are getting!!!  They all three are totally adorable.  Mom & Dad are pretty awesome too.  I think Brian was pretty happy that we meeting up at his old stomping grounds for their session!  Meagan, as always, love seeing you guys :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the brunsons | fort worth photographer

The kiddos in this family are nothing short of fun-lovin'!  After we were thru with "work" we walked the Stockyards and rode the electronic horses.  I took several bunkin' bronc pictures (lol) and just plain silly stuff.  I could have spent my whole day just hanging out with the Brunson Family!

Alicia you have a beautiful family, and just plain wonderful!!!  All I can say is that another's loss is definitely my gain!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the harris family | fort worth photographer

Loved this  mom.  She emailed me for a list of any openings ~ and the ONLY thing I had open was a spot in just a few days at the Stockyards (someone had to cancel because of a sick kid.)  How many moms out there can pull of scheduling the family to all be in one place at one time, in nice coordinating outfits on a whim?!?  No choice on day, time or place.  Just be there and look good!  Well Dondi can!!!  Right away I liked this mom.  Within minutes of meeting them, I liked the whole gang.  Jaydon was beyond cute ~ and did everything perfectly.  Gunner was all boy ~ and all kinds of busy.  He reminds me of my youngest, very curious and slightly crazy :)

Lucky for me that the Harris family can do spontaneous well.  I totally enjoyed meeting them and spending an afternoon with them!!!

sudderth family | weatherford, tx photographer

Ok ~ first we gotta give credit where credit is due.  Matt (yes, the man) was the one who decided that Fall Family pics were in order.  It's true, his wife told me so!!!  I can hardly blame him, the two girls in his life are dreamy. 

I started taking pics of this family when Avery was born.  We did the newborn pics, and then the milestones... so I have seen them pretty regularly in the past year and a half.   We met for family pictures in the Spring when Avery was one, and I was kind of sad thinking it might be awhile before I got to photograph them again.  Much to my delight Amanda called me up to book a Fall session (yay!)  I enjoy time spent with these guys.  

Monday, December 10, 2012

the hallford family | weatherford, tx photographer

I grew up with Michael (aka: Dad.)  We have run into one another here and there over the past 20+ years but until now I had not had the good fortune to meet his family.  LOVED them!!!  Lani is gorgeous, as is her daughter!  And the boys were handsome and funny (and a little crazy!)   I always love to see friends from the past.  I've been so very lucky that alot of my "old" friends find me and ask me to photograph their families.  I love seeing my friends happy and loved.  It is so cool to meet their spouses and kiddos.  To see how where their lives have taken them.  To meet their children and often times see something in them that reminds me of their dad/mom when we were kids ourselves.  Michael, it was wonderful to see you and to meet your amazing family.  One of the things I say over and over again is that love and laughter show through in pictures as evident in your images...

cassidy keen | weatherford, tx photographer

Cassiyd is a Senior this year at Lipan High School.  I love Senior sessions... the boys are usually just showing up to make mom happy, and the girls have a ton of ideas and are willing to try them out ~ and I am always up for a challenge.   You can never succeed (or fail) if you never even try.

Cassidy had a few ideas for pics, some things I'd not seen before... some I've seen but not tried, and some of my own ideas are thrown in the mix.  I loved her session.  She is a super cute girl, sporty, laid back.  Much more comfortable in her jeans and jersey than in the dress... a girl after my own heart!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

orellana kiddos | weatherford, tx photographer

The first time I photographed these two Jett wasn't walking, or sitting... that was just this Spring.  Imagine my surprise when he was running all over the place trying to make his escape!!!

Love these two... such cute siblings.  Big sis is not shy about loving on her baby brother.  And he equally adores her!!!

the wards | fort worth photographer

I met this family at a birthday party... they were guests having fun, I was photographing the event.  I snapped a candid of the twins and not long after Misty contacted me for family pictures.

I have to say 2 things about this family:   1)  they are all SO SWEET   2)  Bryce & Avery really do love each other, like really ~ no sibling rivalry, no rolling of the eyes when asked to pics together, totally up for hugs & kisses.  I loved every second of their session, I think I forgot I was "working" and was just enjoying their company!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the hill family | fort worth photographer

Brandon, Jamie & Addison are three of my favorite clients ever :)
A funny {and true } story... earlier this year when I was taking pics of the ever adorable Addison on her birthday, I asked Brandon & Jamie if/when they were going to have another baby.  Not long after that Jamie texted me and said they were expecting!!!  So these just might be the very last pictures I take of them as a family of three.  But, I am sooo excited to meet the newest Hill.  He is going to be a part of a very special family.  There is lots of love between these guys... awesome parents, and a big sister who I just know is going to be AWESOME.