Friday, March 29, 2013

crumpler boys | weatherford, tx photographer

The mom of these handsome boys won the Sixpence Photography drawing for a free mini-session.  When I drove up to meet them, I was smitten with them... they looked SO HANDSOME.  And the oldest told me he was the one that picked out their clothes.  Lesson here ~ watch out ladies, this guy is gonna be a heartbreaker.  And the younger one is not shy by any means, so I know he will have his fair share of admirers as well!!!

ava | weatherford, tx photographer

I gotta say, Miss Ava is the prettiest lil' thing ~ and has just the right amount of mischief to go along with that beauty!   We got lots of "pretty" pictures, where she is looking sweetly at me and flashing her pretty smile.  But what I really love about her session are the fun images I was able to capture ~ you can see that mischievous look written all over her face, LOVE IT!


emily | weatherford, tx photographer

Emily is a Senior at Peaster high School this year.  She is the baby of the Bowling Family ~ and just the sweetest thing.  I even got a big hug from her at the end of her session, and you can never have too many of those!  And of course Emily is beautiful.  Just look at these pictures.  Congratulations on this milestone in your life Emily... trust me kiddo, it only gets better :)

the stilwell family | weatherford, tx photographer

It took us awhile to coordinate schedules... I think The Stilwell Family is just as busy as my own!
But I really wanted to do their family pictures; Mrs. Stilwell just happens to be one of my daughter's favorite people in the world!

What a gorgeous group of people!  The Stilwells were a fun family ~ and there is lots of love between these four, both of which come right through in their images.  Thanks guys!  (Especially you Jenny!)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

natalie | weatherford, tx photographer

This adorable birthday girl got to celebrate her 3rd birthday in style.  She had a firehouse party (and at a real fire station I might add!!!)  What a cool idea ~ and the party was a hit for both Natalie and all her friends.

Natalie told her mom that she wanted red cake pops for her birthday... did I mention that her mom is the owner of By Grace Designs?  She made the cake, the cake pops - and pretty much created the masterpiece that was Natalie's party.  Anyway,  Tami made the cutest lil' fire hydrant cake pops (red of course - wish granted!)  and a beautiful dalmatian cake!  Her cakes are gorgeous and yummy.  In fact as part of my photography "fee" my husband specifically requested that Tami make some cake pops for him, lol!

And Jeff, who is a volunteer fireman, was the coolest dad at the party.  He was on hand to make sure the kids had fun: they got to explore the fire trucks, blow the horn, spray the water from the hose... Yes, Natalie had the best party ever.  Happy birthday sweet girl!!!

josh + lydia | santo wedding photographer

I met Josh & Lydia a couple of months before their wedding when Lydia's family had scheduled a session with me to take pictures of their extended family.  It was obvious at that first meeting how much these two were in love.  And I am truly honored that they asked me to photograph their wedding.

The wedding was amazing.  Not only was it a joining of their loved ones to celebrate their marriage, but also a celebration of their faith and belief in God.  In a word, beautiful.  As I witnessed and captured moments of their special day I could FEEL the love that surrounds these two.

Congratulations Josh & Lydia ~ thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.  I wish you a life full of love and happiness.  With God as your guide, and the deep love you share I know you are just now beginning an incredible, wonderful life.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

sweet sisters | weatherford, tx photographer

These two sisters are the cutest little girls!!!  I totally loved their outfits, I'm tellin' you these girls were stylin'!  And their cuteness was only matched by their energy, lol!  I will get the honor of photographing them again in the near future, so I am really looking forward to seeing them again soon!

brylee | weatherford, tx photographer

This cutie pie is just about to turn the big "1" ~ and trust me, by the way she was eating her smash cake for her birthday session, the girl is ready for more cake!!!  I can't believe how fast time flies... it seems like it was just yesterday that I was taking her newborn pictures.  She has grown into the cutest little chubby cheeked girl around.  Happy birthday sweet Brylee!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

yoli + jeremy | fort worth photographer

These two have been together for 7 years, and these are the first pictures they've taken (professionally anyway!)  How wonderful to be chosen to do this session for them!  It's pretty obvious how Yoli & Jeremy feel about each other... lots of love here!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

awaiting baby hunter | weatherford, tx photographer

This momma looks FABULOUS!!!  And much to my delight she brought her little girl to the maternity session - one of my favorite little girls to photograph each year.  Jamie is a sweet friend of mine, and I am excited to meet the new little guy who will make their family complete.  

Jamie & Addison, as always you girls are beautiful.  I am so happy for you guys {Brandon too!}   What a lucky boy Hunter is with all the love you will surround him in.